Well, the Miami Hurricanes are out of the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that the game is cancelled; but it is in jeopardy of being cancelled.

On the Morning Show we had Steve Kaplowitz come in and discuss the fate of the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl. Could another team possibly step in? Yeah, for sure, unfortunately, that team cannot be UTEP- find out why here.

While many of us are on close standby trying to figure out what will happen on Sun Bowl day- even if the game doesn't happen here's a tip: DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR TICKETS!

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It has been brought to our attention that there IS A COUPON ON THE BACK OF THE TICKETS! On our App Chat, user MinerManiac let us know that he would definitely take free tickets to the Sun Bowl game even if it doesn't happen all because of the coupon!

"if it doesn't happen i can still use the coupon on the back! $1 drink at circle k or sonic is usually the coupons on the back"

Now, in the tickets that we have at the station (listen up to MoSho for your chance to score some free tickets) the back of the tickets have a coupon to Rudy's BBQ. Sounds amazing, right? The great thing is that the coupon doesn't expire until March!

So, while we do have our fingers crossed that the Sun Bowl will STILL happen on December 31st, it's good to know that the tickets could still be of use.

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