Boxing promoter Don King hasn't lost his way with words or his knack for creating excitement around a fight. 

The 83-year-old is as sharp and spirited now as he was promoting boxing greats Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson. King has spent a lot of time behind the microphone this week ahead of Deontay Wilder's heavyweight championship fight with Bermane Stiverne because he's the promoter for the belt-holding Stiverne.

That's why it's no surprise that King has been touting the strength, skills, and ability of the elder Stiverne. All week, he's said that Stiverne will defeat the young, brash Wilder to retain the belt.

King even gave the Tuscaloosa native some advice about rebounding from a loss.

"As you know, Deontay's young," King said at a press conference in Las Vegas. "He's young, handsome, and debonair. He will get another opportunity because even the great one (Ali), who float like a butterfly and stung like a bee, your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see, he lost a fight."

Whether or not you agree with King's prediction for the fight, he cannot disagree that he man can't promote a fight better than anyone else. Just listen to this video and you'll see for yourself.

It'll be very interesting to see how King's tone changes should Wilder claim America's first heavyweight title since 2006. We'll soon find out as the two square off at the MGM Grand on Saturday night. The fight can be seen on Showtime.