The Don Haskins Hour on 600 ESPN El Paso just took an additional step in the podcast game.

In addition to the reairing of the special Don Haskins Hour each day at 6 p.m. during SportsTalk, 600 ESPN El Paso is putting each episode on podcast channels—Apple, Google Play, you name it! Now, the Don Haskins Hour will be available to download and stream on Spotify.

Spotify allows you to create a free account and you can stream the podcast straight from the mobile app or the desktop app. You simply search "600 ESPN El Paso Podcasts" and find the library of Don Haskins Hour podcasts. Click the "follow" button in order to get the episodes downloaded as soon as they are updated.

If you haven't had a chance to hear some of these shows, this is a perfect time to binge-listen to the library. Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins and show host Steve Kaplowitz take listeners through some epic shows—from taking non-stop phone calls, to interviewing some major guests to giving takes on the sporting world. These bi-weekly shows were taped from 2006 to 2008.

Some of the recent shows that are in the podcast library include:

  • Steve Yellen, Rus Bradburd & Thomas Howard
  • Bill Knight
  • Doc Sadler
  • Willie Cager
  • Tim Hardaway
  • Greg Foster
  • Quinton Gates
  • Ben Collins
  • Joe Gomez
  • Harry Flournoy & David Van Dyke
  • & many more!

So tune in, kick back and relive some of the best episodes of the Don Haskins Hour, now on Spotify.

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