If one thing has been made clear through seven weeks of NFL action, it's that a lot of teams are disasters at the quarterback position. In fact, the St. Louis Rams are in such disarray that they reached out to Brett Favre's agent to see if he'd be interested in playing for them. Would you like to see Favre come back?

Favre, who is 44 years old, has said that he has no interest in playing anymore. When asked why, he cited that he stopped enjoying the act of getting hit by defensive players in his last year in the league, a clear sign that it was his time to hang 'em up.

While there's no chance of Favre returning to the NFL, it'd undoubtedly be cool to see the ol' gunslinger back in action after an extended period of time away from the league. He probably wouldn't be very effective, but neither is Kellen Clemens.

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