Ten years ago, New Mexicans were baffled when they discovered a famous action movie star was going to be sworn in as a sheriff's deputy in their home state. Back in January 24th, 2013 Doña Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison swore in actor Steven Seagal as a sheriff's deputy in the county. Garrison spoke to Borderzine in 2013 about how this was possible:

"Mr. Seagal is a reserve deputy and in order to qualify as a reserve officer you must have had prior certification from another law enforcement agency which Mr. Seagal has in Louisiana, California, and Arizona."

But this wasn't Seagal's first time being able to be deputized by law enforcement. In 2011, Seagal was first deputized by Hudspeth County in Texas. He is also is a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. After learning this news, many New Mexicans as well as Texans were wondering if there was a chance they could end up being pulled over by the movie star.

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Sadly, it doesn't look like he'll be putting on any law enforcement uniforms full-time any time soon. As a reserve deputy, Seagal is only allowed to patrol in Hudspeth or Doña Ana County with a commissioned peace officer. Steven Seagal did put his title to good, when he starred in the reality show "Steven Seagal: Lawman" on A&E. The show followed Seagal as he performed his duties as a deputy in Lousiana. The show ran for three seasons, the first season aired in 2009, the second season in 2010, and the third and final season premiered in 2014, according to IMDB. You can see old episodes of the show for free on Tubi.

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