Even though the FC Juarez is currently in the middle of their best run since they became a first division team in Mexican soccer last summer, the Bravos continue to fly beneath the radar when it comes to being acknowledged by the national media.

FC Juarez is currently enjoying a 4-match winning streak between for Liga BBVA and Copa MX. In their last three league matches the Bravos have wins over Morelia, America and Necaxa. All of these teams made the playoffs last season, two of them made the semifinals. These efforts have lead to the Bravos to a current third place in the standings.

Despite this impressive run the attention the Bravos are getting from the national media both here in the states and in Mexico is not what one would imagine. While the Bravos fan base may be yelling on social media, “Hey!!! Look at us!!!!”, head coach Gabriel Caballero is saying something different.
After their most recent win on Sunday night against Necaxa, Caballero was asked the following by 600 ESPN El Paso.

600 ESPN El Paso: After tonight’s win the team currently finds itself in 3 place, yet it feels that this team continues to fly beneath the radar as far as the national media is concerned, are you more comfortable with that situation, do you use that to motivate your squad perhaps by telling them that this team is not receiving the recognition it deserves and do you want that kind of profile or image to remain the same as far as the national media is concerned?

GC: We just have to stay the course. We have to keep working with our feet planted firmly on the ground. Nothing has been won, there have only been 5 games this season and we are simply competing in these matches. As for the standings, we may be up, we may down. Over the course of the season there may be circumstances where you will feel you should be higher and/or lower in the standings. What we have to do is try to remain in the first 8 positions (to make the playoffs), that is our intention. To be able to look at the standings from a higher position as opposed from the lower positions in the standings is nice and motivating and that gives us lots of hope and fills us with illusion. Regardless, we are taking it step by step, we haven’t won anything and we are perfectly aware that there will be good and bad results. We will enjoy this victory tonight then come tomorrow start thinking about Dorados on Wednesday then Monterrey on Saturday after that.

Humility and sensibility from the team’s head coach is exactly what this team needs.

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