In case you are out of the loop or not sure what is going on, allow me to give you a little back story on this.

So, last week we received a tweet from one of our listeners asking why David Rodriguez was not entered in a heavy weight boxing tournament. Then, Steve said what you will hear in the second segment of the interview and following that a caller said something that the caller found funny. So that was it, or so we thought.

Fast forward to this week. Steve gets a notification that he has been mentioned in a Rodriguez Facebook post. Let's just say the word were less than kind and Steve has no idea where this came from. Steve later finds out that David has been told that Steve was bashing him on the show and David is very upset and angry with Steve.

Steve spoke with David via text and they settled on Thursday at Cabo Joe's on the East side to settle their differences.

Below is what took place. A must listen!

"If you are going to call me out then I am going to come to you and I came right here. And that's anybody, I'm a fighter."

"I have held off on the air for years, and since we are getting everything out in the open today, lets start talking about it."

"You got to understand how this business works, the Klitschko's monopolize the sport, they own all the belts, the two brothers do.So they get to pick and chose who they want to fight."

"When I am out of town people in other cities give me so much respect it's unbelievable. When I come home , that's when I face the ridicule and criticism and I am like, gezz man, I just want to get the hell out of here."

"If that is all you said then I do thoroughly apologize to you, as a man."