Back in the day, actor David Arquette held the WCW Heavyweight championship, and now he's wrestling to prove to fans his wrestling abilities. In one of the worst moments in wrestling history, actor David Arquette was the WCW Heavyweight champion for a short time. It came after he starred in the WCW movie Ready To Rumble in 2000. The actor was written into storylines and actually won the belt from Eric Bischoff during an episode of WCW's Thunder. He lost the belt during the Slamboree on May 7th, 2000. Ever since then, many wrestling fans have trolled the actor and he says he wants to prove his wrestling abilities to fans.

This year, Arquette began training under professional wrestler Peter Avalon. Avalon has wrestled for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Championship Wrestling from Arizona, TNA wrestling and as a jobber for WWE. Arquette made his debut for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Border City Wrestling’s 25th Anniversary show in Canada. The 47-year-old can be seen flying off the top ropes and more. Back in July, Arquette was seen wrestling in matches in Tijuana and has also been training with luchadores there. Looks like the actor is well on his way to impressing the hard-to-impress hardcore wrestling fans. For more information, check out the TMZ website.

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