Dulce Tormenta has been delighting wrestling fans in our region for years and now the luchadora has made history on All Elite Wrestling. It was an exciting week for wrestling fans in El Paso as New Era Wrestling, also known as EP Heroes, had its first show with fans since the pandemic began. Over 400 spectators were in the audience, excited to cheer and boo for their favorite wrestlers, including AEW's Brian “The Machine” Cage.

Another wrestler at the event was El Paso's own Dulce Tormenta. The Burgess graduate has been wrestling in the Sun City since 2015, but she's been interested in the sport since she was only 15 years old, per Luchawiki. I remember a few years ago meeting her at a wrestling event and gushing about how talented she was. Plenty of people have noticed and now the powerful female athlete is showing the world her skills.

AEW is known for producing great wrestling shows and giving more matches for fans to watch. "AEW Dark" streams on their Youtube page and shows wrestling matches that happen before and after the "Dynamite" taping for television. On top of that, AEW also has "AEW Dark: Elevation," where they highlight up and coming AEW talent as well as independent wrestlers.

One of the independent wrestlers they showed this past Monday was our very own Dulce Tormenta. Dulce took on the former AEW Women's World Championship Hikaru Shida. While Dulce Tormenta did lose to Shida, she is making a statement in the AEW world as the first luchadora to wrestle in the promotion. After the match, she wrote on Facebook about how she felt:

"I don’t know what’s the coolest part about this …. The fact that I am the first luchadora on All Elite Wrestling or the fact that I am living my brothers dream.
Either way I am happy and proud of this moment . This is only the beginning"

"AEW Dark: Elevation" comes out Monday nights at 7 p.m. ET.

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