Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn!

Today's show includes a discussion about the Dallas Cowboys, and their up coming game at Baltimore.

We also talk about the UTEP Miners dismal season thus far, and Coach Prices' legacy.

Another topic of discussion is about Texas football, and how my guest earned the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot video for the Longhorns on a yearly basis.

Finally, we talk about the MLB playoffs, including the A's and their 'moneyball' philosophy, and the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals are attempting to get back to the Fall Classic.

My special thanks to KVIA channel 7 General Manager Kevin Lovell for joining me today on Deep Dish Sports.  If you would like to contact Kevin, you can email him at kevinlovell@kvia.com.

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"To me their performance, as long as Jerry Jones is handling player personnel issues and managing the team, he's proven he can't do it, it's going to continue until he gets a real general manager in there, it's the only thing that's going to turn the Cowboys around.  They just have been clueless since then despite all the money they spend, despite the palace, to me the Dallas Cowboys are great drama, whether they win or lose it's great drama, it's tragedy or it's triumph."