Mediocre means average and by record, both the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears have as many wins as losses. Both teams are in the playoff picture, for now, and need a win given they are each other's opponent. The question is will the team at home Chicago beat the team in first place, Dallas?

Dallas has purportedly circled the wagons and vows to be the team its roster calls it to be and that means scoring touchdowns and converting high percentage field goals. Simply put, against teams with winning records, the Cowboys offense must execute! The focus must be on winning games not contracts and MVP awards.

The Cowboys defense which has done reasonably well all season must make the stops and create turnovers for the entire formula to work! Turnover margins and three and outs mean a lot to a team seeking a winning consistency!

The Chicago Bears aren't obvious pushovers and share the identical record as Dallas. The game is in Chicago and the elements may be a factor as the game will be played at night. The Bears have a player on defensive named Khalil Mack who will match up against offensive tackle Tyron Smith. Mack is an incredible talent and is seemingly ready for big games. The Bears offense is much more containable than it's favorite son, Michael Jordan, was back in the day!

This is a winnable game for the Dallas Cowboys even on the road, however, they must be in playoff mode every week they play during the rest of the 2019 season! I believe that they will have no exceptions which means they must have no mistakes!

It won't take long to see how things may go in a Thursday night showdown.

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