I'm sure many of you have seen the video of San Francisco Giants pitcher Juan Marichal attack Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro. That incident took place in 1965, but has always been considered one of the best brawls in baseball. Now, fast forward almost 46 years to Greenville, South Carolina and an South Atlantic League Low A Minor League game between the Drive and Riverdogs. It is even more appropriate that the teams' Major League affiliates are the Yankees (Charleston) and Red Sox (Greenville). Since these two franchises have been involved in some epic games and brawls, you can add this incident to the latest chapter in their historic rivalry. In the first inning of Friday night's game, Charleston's Slade Heathcoat was hit by a pitch from Greenville's Miguel Celestino. Instead of attacking Celestino, Heathcoat went right after the Drive's catcher, Christian Vazquez. I guess Heathcoat was expecting to get beaned. What ensued was my top pick for best basebrawl of the year.