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Victo Is the Effin T's!!!
Perhaps it may have not been the best idea for Dan Hausle of Channel 7 Boston to interview a drunken Red Sox fan immediately following Shane Victorino’s grand slam run during Game 6, which ultimately, put the Red Sox in the World Series.
Watch Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster Bean A-Rod & Not Get Tossed! [VIDEO]
As far as baseball beanings go, it was as deliberate as it gets. Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster threw four straight pitches trying to bean the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, finally succeeding on the fourth, and the only person umpire Brian O'Nora threw out was New York manager Joe Girardi who came out to argue. Hmmm, think baseball's trying to send a message?
Crazy Minor League Baseball Fight [VIDEO]
I'm sure many of you have seen the video of San Francisco Giants pitcher Juan Marichal attack Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro. That incident took place in 1965, but has always been considered one of the best brawls in baseball.

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