Yesterday was a huge day for El Paso.  Once the city council posted Tuesday's agenda on its website,  the city was buzzing over the news that the council will vote on a proposal to build a downtown ballpark.

Many people jumped to the logical, but unconfirmed, conclusion that a group had secured a Triple-A baseball team to occupy the ballpark.

'Sportstalk' was all over the story.  We talked to city rep. Steve Ortega, who said there are still two hurdles before AAA baseball is a done deal in El Paso.

The council must pass the resolution, and the group must secure a Triple-A franchise.

Since this is a public/private sector partnership, the city approving the proposal is only half the battle.  A team must be secured if there is ever to be a ballpark built downtown.  Enter Joshua Hunt.  Mr. Hunt is part of the heavy hitting ownership group that is committed to bringing affiliated baseball back to El Paso.  The newly formed Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC, has been working hard for the last two years to secure an existing team for El Paso.

According to Hunt:

We think this stadium can be a game changer for downtown revitalization.