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The Sale of the Tucson Padres to El Paso Group is now Official
As I type this, there is a press conference taking place at the Plaza theater in downtown El Paso. The Mountain Star Sports group, Mayor John Cook, and PCL President Branch Rickey are all on hand to make the official announcement that the sale of the Tucson Padres to the El Paso group is now comple…
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 06/21/12 [AUDIO]
It was a HUGE day here in the Sun City!! Thank you so much for taking a time out to join me, 'On The Sidelines'!!
Tonight's show topics include: AAA baseball closer to coming to El Paso, NBA Finals and the Euros 2012.
Follow us on Twitter: Steve Kaplowitz- @stevekaplowitz, Andy Lee- @andyhlee84, Duke …