For the last few weeks, many people have wondered what the final version of the new downtown ballpark will look like. City Engineer Alan Shubert has insisted that the new stadium will exceed the $40 million that was budgeted for its construction and alluded to the fact that the designers would have to reconfigure the ballpark if they were unable to secure the additional funding needed. Mountain Star Sports Group answered the call for help today, when the City announced that El Paso's Triple-A ownership group would commit $12.1 million in additional funding to the project so the ballpark's final design is what was originally presented to the public. Also, KVIA's Darren Hunt tweeted that  MSSG will double its own ballpark rent and extend their lease terms for another five years.

It is not surprising that MSSG stepped up and delivered for El Paso. The Hunts and Fosters are committed to delivering the best for El Paso, and there was no way they would allow the ballpark to be built with less features than expected.  What is surprising is that they have been under attack by so many people for all the good that they are bringing to the city. Hopefully this move will silence all of the critics and instead allow people to get excited for one of El Paso's most anticipated Opening Night's ever in April, 2014.


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