Meet Josh Carmen. He is the video coordinator for the El Paso Chihuahuas. His job responsibility consists of editing videotape of each Chihuahuas player. It makes it easier for the team's coaches and manager Pat Murphy to analyze their swings, throwing motions, and other techniques to help develop the proper fundamentals. Josh also prepares video for each player on opposing teams to help with the scouting report.

Last week, Josh traveled with the team on their first road trip to Tacoma, Washington and was unaware of their collared shirt policy. As punishment, Chihuahuas manager Pat Murphy asked his six "shot callers" how they wanted to handle Josh's discipline for breaking the team rules. The six players who call the shots for the team chose to let Cody Decker handle his punishment, since the veteran ballplayer is known to have a creative mind. Decker decided to make Carmen wear seven of the most outrageous outfits he could find during the Chihuahuas' recent homestand. They included a clown suit, Batman, Where's Waldo, and a chicken. We caught up with Josh as he was dressed like an Egyptian Pharaoh before Monday's game.

El Paso Chihuahuas manager Pat Murphy also sat down with Team 600 to talk about his team's recent winning ways, players that have impressed him, and his favorite costume worn by his video coordinator.

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