Wednesday night (Aug. 10), the El Paso Chihuahuas are giving away Lucha Libre masks to the first 2,000 fans with a paid admission. These masks have already proven to be life-changing.  If you need any further motivation to come out to the park besides watching the play of the club's incredible future MLB stars, the fact that receiving one of these masks will start a series of lucky events.

Just like it did for El Chuco Chihuahua Magnifico. Who, you might ask, is El Chuco Chihuahua Magnifico?

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Hailing from parts unknown El Paso, this humble would-be luchador began his career as a masked rudo in 2000, wrestling his first match for the Texas Wrestling Alliance out of San Antonio as "El Uno Magnifico." In a moment of bravado after too many dollar tequila shots – which just happened to be the special that night at the Far West Rodeo venue – El Uno Magnifico challenged his debut match opponent to a shoot (a for-real match). 

That fellow masked man, the American Dragon, was a young Daniel Bryan who would go on to a glorious pro wrestling career that included becoming a champion in the WWE.  As the story of El Uno Magnifico’s schooling spread, his role as a jobber (someone who always loses) was solidified in border towns across Texas and Mexico.  “El” has spent the last 15 years wrestling in such metropolises as Ojinaga, Cuidad Acuna, Piedras Negras, Roma, and Reynosa. 

Last week, he humbly requested one of these very Chihuahuas Lucha Libre masks before heading south of the border for a series of matches. Now reborn as "El Chuco Chihuahua Magnifico," he was an immediate hit, even winning all three of his matches to thunderous approval from the fans. He didn't even mean to win -- it was just inevitable.

As the legend of El Chuco Chihuahua Magnifico grows, you’ll be able to trace his success back to one significant moment … the day he donned the very mask you’ll be able to get Wednesday night at Southwest University Park.  Come get one, and see how your life changes for the better almost immediately.

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