It's all about respect!

Justin Bieber angered NHL Chicago Blackhawks fans by first touching the Stanley Cup and even worse by standing on the Blackhawks logo while he took a photo of the cup. NHL teams are very careful to not let anyone step on their logos on the dressing room floor. Its mainly about respect ... and Bieber showed major disrespect towards the Blackhawks and their fans.

Blackhawks forward, Andrew Shaw tweeted:

"Bro, no stepping on the logo."

On Saturday, July 27th was the annual fan convention and fans took action by stepping on Bieber's face. Although, they were denied at first, they didn't give up and took it pretty much everywhere else!!

The fans chronicled their fun times on the "Stand On Bieber" twitter feed @StandOnBieber. Over 100 photos were taken and within them, Tommy Hawk, the mascot got into the fun as well.

Even though Bieber did not apologize publicly for the logo-stepping, the Blackhawks PR Staff stated that he did apologize to them in their dressing room.