Come, take a tongue-in-cheek tour of Oregon's incredible new football, facility...and see if Uncle Phil's money makes this football building the cream of the crop. It's totally all for the kids, too. (With some NSFW language.)

Phil Knight, the Nike CEO, and wife Penny spent more than $68 million dollars to give their beloved Ducks this over-the-top Hollywood set of a football complex which, somehow, stays COMPLETELY true to the NCAA's values of amateurism while resembling a lab James Bond would blow up.

So what if it's gaudy enough to make Donald Trump blush? The Ducks' new digs are a collective marvel of architecture, design and technology with a few surprises no one even knows about.

And, again, it's ALL for the kids. The Hatfield-Dowlin Complex isn't just for football, this is something EVERY University of Oregon student will take pride in. And if any regular Oregon student wants to come on in and play some X-Box in the players' lounge...we'll see how well the retinal scanners and security robots work.