Remember in first grade when we would play telephone.  We didn't realize it at the time, but our teacher was teaching us a valuable lesson.  Human beings will see or hear what they want to, and always verify anything you hear.

We were reminded of that earlier today.  Yesterday, the usually reliable Jay Glazer of Fox Sports tweeted:

"Got no idea if this is true but if is it's hilarious. Lawrence Taylor & his agent Mark Lepselter were told last night winning bidder for LT's Super Bowl Ring was none other than Charlie Sheen!!!"

This spread like wildfire on the internet except people conveniently forgot the part where Glazer stated, "GOT NO IDEA IF THIS IS TRUE."  By Thursday night multiple media outlets were reporting that Charlie Sheen forked over $230,000 for LT's Super Bowl XXV ring.

This morning Sheen tweeted:

RE: Lawrence Taylor's Ring: As much as I would be honored to own such an important artifact... I had nothing to do with the acquisition. c

This ever fluid story may change yet again, but Sheen did assure us via Twitter he didn't spend last week.....BIDDING, DUH!!!