We’re not usually in the business of boring readers with corny cat videos. In fact, a cat has to do something friggin’ spectacular to get our attention. This brilliant feline not only got our attention, he sets the animal  bra bar much higher for cat videos in the future.

By snuggling a top his owner’s bountiful boobs, and refusing to give up the seat, he’s not only endeared himself to the entire dude-race, he’s cemented a place in the ‘Feline Hall of Awesome.’

The well-endowed  owner tries not once, but three times, to pry her kitty from her chest-nest. Each time the cat’s not having it and races back to the booby bed and resumes snuggling. Who can blame the cat? From our vantage point, that couch destroys anything Petco could come up with. It’s like the slogan says “Trust boobies… for the rest of your life.”

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