Sheyla Hershey, 32, a Brazilian native who now lives in Texas, hold a rather unusual record: with a bra size of 38KKK, she reportedly has the world’s largest set of breasts.

Yes, we said 38KKK, something that is likely making any of our female readers involuntarily wince. And what’s even worse is Hershey paid for the discomfort — she’s shelled out more than $250,000 on 22 breast-augmentation surgeries.

But the road to eternal back pain wasn’t always easy — Texas law limits the amount of silicone that can be pumped into one person’s body, so she went home to Brazil (which has no such restrictions) and emerged with the rack of her dreams. She says her boobs are like her “children,” which we’re guessing means they require constant attention and perhaps the occasional rub.

Her website has lots of videos of the human freak show she’s become (you have to sign up for a free registration to see the photo galleries), and she’ll also be featured on Sunday’s new episode of TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction.’

Here’s a preview:

[Via BuzzFeed]

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