Well, this isn't good.

A bus driver in Boston was arrested after he allegedly ate THC gummies and passed out while behind the wheel of the bus.

According to CT Post, "Jinhuan Chen was taken into custody Monday at his Boston home, exactly three months after police responded to a call about a stranded bus on the side of I-95 in Stratford, Connecticut."

38 passengers were on the bus and returning home from a casino trip when Chen passed out at the wheel of the bus.


Chen's employer stated that he does not drink alcohol and does not do drugs and that he did not know the gummies he purchased contained the active ingredient in marijuana.

According to the statement given to police, Chen stopped at a store for some candy, which he reportedly likes, and that is when he purchased the gummies with THC.

Management for the bus company says that their employee did not know that the "candy" he purchased contained THC.

Luckily no one on the bus was injured when the driver passed out and many elected to use a ride-share program to get home, and not the busing service.


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