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Sadly A Game of Hide and Seek Turns Deadly for One Texas Boy

It's a truly tragic story as one Texas family mourns the loss of their 2nd-grader who died accidentally while on vacation during an apparent game of hide and seek. Authorities believe 8-year-old Wrangler Hendrix from Jewett, Texas suffocated after sneaking in between a washer and dryer and getting stuck.

Family members found Wrangler wedged between the appliances and immediately called paramedics. Sadly, Wrangler, known as a 'total sweetheart' by friends and family, passed away after over an hour of medical personnel trying to revive him.

Wrangler was on vacation with his grandparents visiting with family in Georgia and although an official autopsy report has not been fully processed, authorities believe this was a tragic accident and that Wrangler died from 'positional asphyxiation' which was self-inflicted.

You can read more details by clicking on the People Magazine online article here.

Wrangler's accidental death is a reminder that there are some safety precautions parents might want to remind their children, especially during the summer months when many of us are working and our children are home alone.

In an article by Tiny Beans. com titled, ' 7 Ways Kids Think They Are Playing But Can Get Hurt,' they offer to "remind your kids to never hide in anything with a sealing lid or cover, like a duffel bag, chest, trunk or old fridge. Warn kids of the danger of suffocation from automobile fumes, blankets, or hiding in containers or bags. Kids who play ManHunt need to wear eye protection and be warned about the dangers of outside wells, moving vehicles and staying in-bounds.

Stay safe this summer. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hendrix family.






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