On Monday, Denver Broncos studio host Mike Rice joined Sportstalk on the Village Inn Hotline to talk about Payton Manning joining the team. Manning signed a 5 year deal with Denver for $96 million, but the contract does contain plenty of incentives. Rice talked about what the Manning signing will do to the Broncos franchise.

"They (Broncos) are trying to get back to the elite level. When you land one of the biggest free agents that has ever been available, certainly that's taking a step towards the direction of becoming elite again."   

Rice also addressed the reaction that Tim Tebow fans have had since learning that Denver was going to sign Manning to play quarterback.

"There are ardent Tebow supporters that are plenty upset about it. The Tebowmaniacs make every excuse when Tim doesn't play well, and when the Broncos win, it's all because of Tim."