There are plenty of red-blooded American males who grow up loving sports.  Some of them love sports so much, they pursue a career in broadcasting.

Then, they run into this.  Sometime in the '80s or '90s news directors across the country decided women who thought Ty Cobb was the guy who invented the Cobb salad would make great sports reporters and anchors.

There are some very good and qualified female sports personalities, but the industry hit a new low when Meghan Torjussen of WMTW in Portland, Maine announced that game four between the Celtics and Heat ended in a tie score of 89 a piece (at least that's what her producer told her).

In absolute fairness, Torjussen is not a regular sports reporter or anchor at the station, but there is still so much wrong with this picture.  Even if the producer truly thought the game ended in a tie, any anchor with even a shred of competence or brains would realize a game, especially a playoff game, CAN NOT END IN A TIE!!!