Bob Costas has been around a long, long time.  He's called just about every sport and once had his own late night talk show (look it up kids).  However, his heart will always belong to baseball.

Costas was on the MLB network to preview the 2013 season when Harold Reynolds threw a bit of a curveball.  In light of Robinson Cano leaving Scott Boras for Jay Z's representation company, Reynolds asked Costas who his favorite rapper was. WHAT????  Costas doesn't listen to rap, nor could he possibly know any rappers; he's Bob Costas for God's sake.

Costas, the consummate professional, did not fumble for words.  Rather, he referenced the first rapper to reference him, Ludacris, in his song "Hip Hop Quotables."

Nobody breaks it down quite like Lil' C.....(Costas is a short dude)