Bob Costas

Vodka Cures All
So we now know that Bob Costas has pinkeye in both eyes and tonight, Matt Lauer from The TODAY Show is going to take over tonight's prime time coverage. Last night though, Bob went out in style as he did a shot of vodka with Mary Carrillo to sooth the pain of his "pinkeyes"...
Poor Bob Costas
It started with one eye on the first day of Olympic coverage and everyone wondered, "What the hell is wrong with Bob's eye?". Then today poor Bob went on the air with both eyes infected with pinkeye. Having had pinkeye I can tell you that it sucks...
Bob Costas Doesn’t Like The Mets [VIDEO]
While I was watching the US Open yesterday, I saw this sports update by the one and only  Bob Costas and thought it seemed a little over the top. I guess I was right. Now it is on the web and watching it again is just as funny as it was the first time...
Jerry Sandusky Tells Bob Costas ‘I Shouldn’t Have Showered With Those Kids’ [VIDEO]
Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse, broke his silence Monday night about the scandal that lead to the firing of head coach Joe Paterno and three other university officials. In a phone interview with Bob Costas on NBC’s ‘Rock Center With Brian Williams,’ Sandusky said, “I have horsed around with kids, I have showered after workouts. I have
Testing the Waters
Sports radio has this interesting phenomenon where seemingly innocuous comments can turn into full on debates.  Such an event took place on Monday's version of Sportstalk.