So, you think the price to renew your license plates is high? Try spending in upwards of $35,000 for one.

That’s exactly what one lunatic, Texas A&M fan intends to do in order to have the exclusive rights to drive around town as “12THMAN.” An auction for this specialty license plate is set to end this Thursday at noon, and officials say the bidding should go well over the current $35,000 bid.

The highest bidder will not only receive 10-year ownership rights to the plate, but they will also be recognized as the winner at Kyle Field during the second quarter of the this Saturday between Texas A&M and Alabama.

To an Aggie fan, that could be almost invaluable,” said Kim Miller Drummond, a spokeswoman for My Plates. “They’ll go down on the field to be acknowledged by 83,000 fans at one of the biggest games in Aggie history.”

Anyone interested in placing a bid on the 12THMAN specialty plate can do so by clicking here.