Ascarate Park will soon have a name change, well maybe.

The El Paso County Commissioners Court has plans to improve the park and also on changing the name of the golf course to be named after the late Federal Judge Philip Martinez. However, according to KTSM, County Judge Samaniego would not prefer to have the name change.

Named after Mexican General Juan Ascarate, the park is the largest public-use recreational park in El Paso County and is dedicated to sports, picnicking, fishing and other recreational activities.

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While news of Ascarate's possible name change hit the borderland, I decided to ask all of El Paso- what would you rename Ascarate Park to? And you did not disappoint!

This is by far, the most interaction I've received in a post; we got over 300 comments! While I can't list EVERY SINGLE comment, I thought I'd just summarize what some of them were.

First of all, some of you thought that the park shouldn't be renamed- it's fine just the way it is. Cristy Monty wrote:

why would you change the name in the 1st place!!!

Fernie Fierro agreed, while also stating how the park got its name in the first place:

Why would anyone rename Ascarate Park the name is part of El Paso's history
General Juan Ascarate
And, I know I am not the last to found out but it sure feels like it.” Covering 400 acres of land, the area was named for Mexican General Juan Ascarate, and was granted to El Paso County in the 1930's. The park received upgrades as part of President Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps, which were completed in 1940

Jesse Guerrero had a better idea than renaming the park:

Just bring back Western Playland

Which, I would have to agree, bring it back!

Julian Jacob Jordan had a better suggestion:

How about fixing it up instead of worrying about the name

While a majority of the comments were like the ones above, here are some of the silly names you all suggested:

  • Ass-Karate Park
  • Cherry Popper Park
  • Dead Fish Park
  • Lowered Expectations Park
  • El Charkito
  • Puddle of Mud
  • Algae Lake
  • Caca Park
  • Hepatitis Lake
  • Bud Light Lake
  • Radioactive Lake
  • Backseat conception park
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Duck Fart Pond
  • Llorona Park
  • Community Service Park

And now for those who actually understood the assignment and gave some pretty good suggestions:

  • Sun City Park/Sun City Lake Park
  • 915 Park
  • Desert Water Lake
  • Chuco Park
  • Lonestar Lake
  • Alameda Park
  • Delta Park
  • Memory Park
  • The Healing Community Garden of El Paso Strong
  • The Chuco Lago

These were the ones I could share, some were a little too obscene!

But as Juan Fisher commented:

Change it all they want it will never stop being Ascarate to 915


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