A lot of families and friends like getting together at Ascarate Park. Families especially love getting together for holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial weekend, and Easter at Ascarate Park. Plus, Ascarate Park is the perfect place to gather with family or friends with wide-open space.

Except there's just one problem, we're still dealing with the pandemic despite how many have had their vaccinations. So if you were planning on spending Easter Sunday with the family at Ascarate Park, you may want to scratch that. The El Paso County Officials plan on closing Ascarate Park on Easter Sunday to avoid Covid-19 cases spiking in the borderland.

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In my opinion, I believe the El Paso County Officials made the right decision about closing Ascarate Park on Easter. I recently took my daughter to see one of her favorite animals at the lake, the ducks. While out there around 4 pm there were quite a few groups around enjoying the view.

This was on a regular weekday and I can just imagine how packed it would be on Easter Sunday. But there are other places your household family can spend Easter together in El Paso. You can enjoy a nice brunch at any of the restaurants that will be open on Easter Sunday.

Now if you want to enjoy the outdoors that offers wide-open space are the neighborhood parks in your area. But the best place to celebrate Easter, in my opinion, is your backyard. You can prepare a little picnic for the family and also have the comfort of using a restroom when needed.

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