Angela Simmons is the daughter of rap icon Joseph “Run” Simmons of Run DMC. She founded the Pastry shoe line with older sister Vanessa Simmons and publishes a monthly magazine for teens called Angela’s Rundown. She recently posed naked for a PETA ad and will be the star of their campaign called “Eating Meat Is a Sin: Go Vegetarian.”

Eating meat is a choice. Much like being vegan or posing naked to get attention. A person must really be passionate about a movement to pose naked. We could never pose naked for anything. Our pasty, ignoble and egregious physiques on a poster or bus bench would just bring bad press to any cause. Unless that cause is the People for the Unethical Posing of the Pasty, Ignoble and Egregious in Society. PUPPIES for short. Yeah, we had to look up most of those words too.

Naming Angela our crush does not mean we support PETA or that we feel eating meat is a sin. It also doesn’t mean we’re against PETA. It does mean we’re 100 percent for semi-naked hot chicks posing for pictures. That, too, is not a sin. What we do with those pictures, well, that might be a sin.