By Brian Ortiz
Sports Reporter, Andress Eagles

Andress v Chapin 1

Andress ended their night in disappointment last friday as Chapin walked away the winner of the district 1-4A season opener.

"We were determined to win and we had a good chance but we did not perform," running back Rashad Chisholm said.

Andress v Chapin 2

The eagles started off the night with momentum scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. However, this would be the last time Andress' offense produced anything worthwhile.

After this point in the game it was all Huskies. Andress was restricted to only 72 yards the entire game, and even produced seven plays for negative yardage.

Chapin took the field and scored their first touchdown during the last 30 seconds of the second quarter, which tied the game 7-7. Andress' offense did not retaliate, and its defense was submitted to another 14 point gain by the Huskies. This led spectators to wonder if the change of Andress and Chapin's schedule from week 10 to first game was really such a good idea.

"I mean it kind of changed things because the big game is usually late in the season," quarterback Ryan Metz said. "But whether we play them late in the season or early, we should have been more prepared."

Struck by the loss to their rivals the Eagles have walked away from the game with a lesson learned and pensive thoughts on the season to come.

"There are definitely some things we need to work on," Metz said. " I feel that as a quarterback my job is to lead the team out of the wrong and into the right, and I didn't do that. I'm just going to focus on being a better leader."

This week Andress faces off against the undefeated Burges Mustangs. The Mustangs look to extend their 3-0 non-conference winning streak in their first district game after their bye week.

"This next game we just need to make a point," Chisholm said. "I mean we lost this game, we weren't prepared, but our leaders are stepping up and we need to just go into this game with a new mindset."

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