Abie and Izzy Han came to Bassett Middle School today to give an awe inspiring anit-bullying presentation to the Iceman's Speech classes.  Abie is the current UBF Inter-Continental middleweight champion and Izzy helps run the family business; Han Oriental Martial Arts, located at 9861 Dyer St., Suite 17.  Abie and Izzy are the brothers of IBF World Featherweight champion, Jennifer Han.

Abie began by introducing himself and explaining to the students that he is the current UBF Inter-Continental middleweight champion as well as a professional kickboxer.  Han spoke in great detail about anti-bullying and how it will affect an individual.  He explained to the kids that confidence is essential to one's future success in life.  Abie used a variety of different voices to demonstrate what a person sounds like when they spoke in a sad, happy, angry and confident tone.

Han signs autographs for students at Bassett Middle School. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)

The Students were given tremendous advice by Abie who mentioned, "we judge a book by its cover because we often don't have time to truly get to know someone."  He also noted, "you must walk around with all the confidence in the world and say, I am the best.  If you don't believe in yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to believe in you?"  Abie posted a picture of greater than and less than symbols on the chalk board and said, "we don't want to be viewed as less than."

Abie did a wonderful activity with the students where he assembled them in three lines, one with himself, his brother and wife, and they all met the students and asked them what they want to be when they grow up, and how they will accomplish their goal.  This literally enabled the student's confidence level to shoot through the roof.

Abie and Izzy shook hands and explained how to formally introduce yourself to a future employer, and modeled the type of confidence one should possess.  Izzy Han mentioned to the students that he had hip surgery in his early 20's but that did not stop him from pursuing his career in martial arts, he also showed the kids his one thumb push up, which took three years for him to perfect.

Izzy Han demonstrates a one thumb push up. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)

Abie spoke about his sister Jennifer in great detail, explaining how she has been an inspiration to all of their siblings ever since they were young.  Han said that Jennifer would ask him when they were kids if he thought that she could ever become a world champion in boxing.  She knew the odds were stacked against her considering that El Paso never had any boxer, man or woman become a world champion in the history of the sport.

Abie spoke about how his sister became a professional fighter and would lose a fight, but always remained confident until she came back and won again.  Han said, "Jennifer was the best fighter in the world from 2001-2004, and just kept fighting until she finally received a title shot and became El Paso's first ever world champion."  He mentioned that she has always fought an uphill battle in the sport, after all Abie said, "women's boxing wasn't even part of the Olympics until 2012."

Abie concluded by leaving the students with a memorable quote by saying, "whatever you dreams and goals are, don't ever give up and you will achieve them, you will stumble at times, but don't ever stop trying to achieve your dreams."  My special thanks to Abie and Izzy Han for coming to give a remarkable presentation to my Speech Students today.  Jennifer Han will make her second IBF World Featherweight championship defense against Lilian Martinez at the Don Haskins Center on October 15.