There is a place that would be absolutely magnificent for the family to visit. Some trips are worthy of exploring Texas that may even convince you to visit with the family again in the future.

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We have all visited some type of attraction outside of El Paso that we return to when we can. For example, Disneyland is a place that families like to try and visit at least once a year.

But sometimes we don't exactly feel like making that long of a trip so instead, we prefer closer places. Usually, closer places would be a trip that is within the Texas state limits.

For example, Austin is almost 8 and a half hours away from El Paso, Texas. While San Antonio is 7 and a half hours away from El Paso, Texas which is where you can enjoy a tubing adventure through an aquarium.

Yes, you read that right, you can ride through an aquarium while you're floating around in a tube. You can get an idea of how that would even be possible by checking out Sharp Productions YouTube video above.

The tubing adventure that coasts you through an aquarium is called StingRay Falls at Aquatica San Antonio.

That cool and refreshing tubing experience is at Aquatica San Antonio which is a perfect fit for a family road trip. Now that summertime isn't far away families are hunting for cool attractions to visit outside of El Paso city limits. Plus, tons of El Pasoans enjoy making the road trip to San Antonio whether it is for business or pleasure.

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