Welp, Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow this morning meaning six more weeks of winter and for some people in North, Central, and West Texas, that is NOT COOL! (No pun intended)

In case you missed it, parts of Texas are dealing with some pretty crazy winter weather. From snow, to icy roads, this winter storm is causing road conditions to become very dangerous, flights have been canceled and schools are making the decision to cancel classes as well.

My parents went to San Antonio last week to celebrate my baby brother’s college graduation and were supposed to be back, but the Texas winter storm had other plans for them.

Courtesy: Rene Lopez
Courtesy: Rene Lopez

Although San Antonio isn’t getting the storm as bad as other parts of Texas, the weather there still isn’t pleasant.

“Right now it’s 34 degrees, but it’s been 28-30 degrees through the night until about 1 p.m,” wrote my brother in our family group chat when we asked him how cold it was over there.

These below freezing temperatures are creating freezing rain and black ice on the roads which is causing multiple accidents on the streets.

The freeing rain is even creating plenty of icicles on trees, roofs, and everywhere else an icicle can hang!

Although these icicles look pretty, officials are urging people to stay away from them because if they break apart and fall it can cause a dangerous situation.

Courtesy: Rene Lopez
Courtesy: Rene Lopez

Localized power outages have also been reported. According to Austin energy, over 160,000 residents have reported power outages. The cause for these power outages: TREES!

Yup, apparently this winter storm isn’t just impacting humans. Tree’s are getting it too as several reports of tree damages have been reported.

Some trees are falling on vehicles, into homes, and power lines which is causing these power outages. YIKES!

Courtesy: Delila Kemmerling
Courtesy: Delilah Kemmerling

According to forecasters, heavy rainfall and flash flood potential is expected until Thursday. Stay safe out there, Texans.

Take a look at some photos from Texas’ Winter Storm:

Texas Winter Storm 2023


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