Speaking for myself, I've always loved the idea on appearing on a game show. Even if I don't get picked or win, I love the thought of winning big money & prizes on tv. Well some people from El Paso HAVE appeared on tv and they HAVE gone on to win big. Here are 6 game shows that have featured contestants from El Paso:

The Cube: One of the recent appearances was made in June 2021, where TJ & Samantha Stukes won $50,000 appearing on the game show called The Cube. You can see the family be interviewed on KTSM after their appearance on The Cube.

Who Wants To be Millionaire: Growing up I ALWAYS wanted to be on WWTBM. Ryan Guzman appeared on the 15th season of the show in October of 2016. He would get up to the $30,000 question; he would get it wrong and walk away with $5,000. Which is still not bad!

A quick mention to Pat Jones from Round Rock, Texas. He also appeared on the show back in March 13, 2001 when Regis Philbin hosted the show. He would go on to win $64,000. You can see that episode in its entirety down below.

The Price is Right: There have been currently two people to win on The Price is Right from El Paso; Jaime Gutierrez in March of 2022 & back in 2016 there was another winner by the name of Albert. So far there have been only two people to win on the... for now. Sadly the videos no longer exist online but you can see what Jaime & Albert won.

Let's Make A Deal: So far there's only been one El Pasoan who can say they got to appear on the same game show with Wayne Brady & that's Julio Ortega. In March of 2021, he was seen wearing a Deadpool costume and he won some nice prizes. There's no footage on YouTube; however, there IS footage on his Instagram page.

Wheel of Fortune: There's actually been 3 El Pasoans who have appeared on Wheel of Fortune;

  • Brenda "Happi" Ness appeared in 2019.
  • & 2 Ricks joined the show in 2018; Rick Pallares & Rick Brown.

You can see the video on Facebook where one of the Ricks won below.

Jeopardy: Our final game show on our list is probably the one we're familiar with; as 4 time champion John Focht has become well associated with the show Jeopardy.

Here's to seeing more El Pasoans appear on more game shows soon!

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