Who doesn't know the show The Price Is Right? We've all seen the show at least one point in our life & who among us has not thought about being on the show in hopes of winning big? Well one El Pasoan DID & if you missed it when it was on television, like me, you can know see it for yourself.

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El Paso native Jaime Gutierrez, who now lives in San Diego, appeared on the March 11th showing of The Price Is Right (the episode was taped on January 24th). To say he won big on the show is an understatement & thankfully a user uploaded the ending of the episode on YouTube so we can actually watch his genuine reaction to winning not a car,

but a BOAT. And he didn't win JUST a boat: Jaime won a trip including a six-night stay in Switzerland, $2,500 and a boat with a trailer from the showcase. He also won a Bowflex machine and treadmill and more cash. All totaling $40,636. Not a bad total at all.

In an interview with KFOX, Jaime went into great detail on how he felt winning on TPIR as well as representing El Paso on tv: "There was one thing right after the other, it was just yeah it can happen so quick, I was still in shock even when I left the studio...I got like, a million in one messages like, 'oh my god, oh my god, how did you keep it a secret? 'Oh, my god, I saw you on TV,'" Gutierrez said. "It was just left and right. It was it was awesome. The feedback I got from everybody was just amazing...I still represent El Paso to the fullest. So, I mean, anybody that's from El Paso knows if you're from El Paso you're puro chuco, so I miss home"

Jaime also stated that after he won on the show, he had to keep his winnings secret for a month & a half or else he would get disqualified & not win anything: "people knew I was going to the taping, but then it was kind of hard to like, 'oh, it was fun,' 'yeah, no, I didn't get called up' and 'yeah, I got called up but nothing really happened...It was it was hard. I was making up stories left and right.". If you want to watch the whole episode in its entirety, the Friday March 11th, 2022 episode is available for viewing on CBS's website.

This actually isn't the first time someone from El Paso won on The Price is Right. There was another winner back in 2016. And we've had other El Pasoans appear on game shows before, like Let's Make a Deal.

I love seeing people from El Paso appear on game shows & win. Makes me believe that maybe one day I could too...

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