If there is one thing that is a huge misconception about El Paso it is that we don't have any high end restaurants. If you need a night out this holiday season to get away from your family or maybe you need to take one of your out-of-town guests to a fancy schmancy place to impress them, check out these amazing places that will knock their socks off and have them rethinking El Paso's restaurant scene.

1. Taft Diaz - This amazing restaurant is in an equally amazing downtown boutique hotel called the Stanton House. I highly recommend the Beef Tartare and a dirty martini at the bar. It's this foodie's favorite weekend bar snack. 209 N Stanton St

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2. Cafe Central - One of my favorite dishes at Cafe Central is the Duck Breast In The Woods. It is rich and succulent and a real treat, just like a night out at the Central. Check out their website for more delicious dishes. 109 N Oregon St

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3. Cattleman's Steakhouse - It's a bit of a drive, but worth the effort for some of the best beef in town, or 35 minutes out of town. This is an upscale place that is family friendly as well. Get the 14 oz. rib eye, medium rare. You won't be able to finish it, but it will be amazing as a midnight snack. Click here for their website. Indian Cliffs Ranch


4. Entrecôte & Co. - An upscale restaurant that has a gastro pub/sexy date night feel. Hang at the bar or on the patio with a Forbidden Sour, Parmesan Truffled French Fries, and Escargots. It is such a great way to end the work week or just be glad it's Saturday night. Check out their website here. 5825 North Mesa


5. Park Tavern - Round out a visit to Winterfest at the Park Tavern. It's a totally downtown place and a favorite of mine. Try the Bronzino, a whole fried fish, with a perfectly poured Barrel Aged Manhattan. Browse their menu by clicking here. 204 E Mills Ave

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