It was forty-five years ago the American League voted to adopt something that could have been one of the best or worst changes to the game of baseball. Whether it was good or bad depends on if you're a baseball purist or not.

It was January 11th, 1973 that the American League voted to try out the designated hitter. Essentially saying teams in the American League wouldn't have to worry about their pitchers having to hit, until the World Series. Or now, Interleague play.

I don't mind the DH, but I also haven't known baseball without the possibility of the designated hitter since this was introduced before I was born. I am, however, on the fence about whether or not I think both leagues should have it or keep it with just the American League.

On one side, it's kinda cool that each league has a different set of rules with something as big as the designated hitter. But on the other side, shouldn't everyone be playing by the same set of rules?

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