The 2015 NFL Draft is this Thursday and every fan of their particular team is very interested in what players they are going to get during the draft. That being said, let's take a look at what I think every team in AFC South needs to do in the draft.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys surprised the NFL when they won the NFC East last season. Under great play by Tony Romo and the best offensive line in football, the  Cowboys have become legit Super Bowl contenders. They managed to keep Dez Bryant but they lost DeMarco Murray to the Eagles. But the defense is still the main worry for the Cowboys, they need help in the secondary.

Offense: Running Back, 5th Wide Receiver

Defense: Safety, Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, Cornerback

New York Giants: The Giants have opted not to extend Eli Manning's contract, so if he wants to get paid next year, he's gonna have to earn it. Getting Victor Cruz back should help but the Giants need a reliable running back. On defense, they need to fill the void of losing Antrel Rolle.

Offense: Offensive Lineman, Running Back

Defense: Defensive Back, Linebacker, Safety

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have had the craziest off season of all the teams in the NFL. They traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. Traded LeSean McCoy. Signed Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray. But the one area the Eagles are hurting is with the wide receivers. They need a replacement for Jeremy Maclin. The defense also had the worst time of possession in 2014, that needs to be fixed.

Offense: Wide Receiver, Offensive Lineman

Defense: Defensive Back, Linebacker

Washington Redskins : The Redskins gave up 58 sacks last season, that needs to get fixed. Look for them to get an offensive lineman. They also need to improve the defense but more importantly they just need RGIII to get along with coach Jay Gruden

Offense: Offensive Lineman, Receiving Running Back

Defense: Pass Rusher, Defensive Back, Linebacker