Before we head to the top stable of all-time, let's take a look at the five stables that just missed the cut for our list:

5. Los Boricuas- Formed in June 1997 after leader Savio Vega was fired from the Nation of Domination, Los Boricuas were made of strictly Puerto Rican wrestlers.  Other than Vega, the rest of the stable was made up of second-generation wrestlers Miguel Perez Jr, Jose Estrada Jr, and Jesus "Huracan" Castillo.  The name was given to them after the popular nickname that Puerto Ricans call themselves.  They quickly enter into a feud with both the Disciples of Apocalypse and the Nation of Domination.  By July, Vega had left the group and returned to singles competition before his release from WWF.  The rest of the group continued together but were relegated to jobber status unitl their release in 1999.

4. The Dudley Brothers-  Before Bubba Ray and D-Von would win 23 Tag Team Championships as the Dudley Boyz/Team 3D, they were a part of large, disfunctional, backwoods family.  Despite their obvious differences in size, look, and even race, the Dudley Brothers claimed to all be the sons of "Big Daddy" Dudley-- who had traveled all over America as a salesman in the 1960s and 1970s.  They debuted in Extreme Champioship Wrestling on July 1, 1995 at Hardcore Heaven when Dudley Dudley and Snot Dudley (with enforcer Big Dick Dudley ringside) defeated the Pitbulls.  After Snot Dudley was injured in a ski accident, he was replaced in August by Dances with Dudley.  The stable then added the stuttering, dancing, overweight hillbilly Buh Buh Ray Dudley.  By 1996, the Dudleys grew to include Chubby Dudley and mute, placard-wielding Sign Guy Dudley.  On April 13, Dances with Dudley injured his leg and was attacked by the more serious, debuting D-Von Dudley as Dances was being stretchered out.  D-Von feuded with the rest of the family citing the brothers' comedy act was not the way "true Dudleys" should be acting.  D-Von eliminated Dances with Dudley, Dudley Dudley, and Chubby Dudley before eventually being joined by Bubba (no longer Buh Buh) Ray-- who he helped get rid of his stutter-- Sign Guy, and Big Dick.  These four became a powerful, heel stable in 1997 before they were challenged by Little Spike Dudley, the runt of the family and last hold-out face Dudley.  By 1999, Big Dick had left ECW and Bubba Ray and D-Von joined World Wrestling Federation-- leaving only Spike in ECW.  After ECW folded in 2001, Spike joined his kayfabe half-brothers in WWF.

3. Disciples of Apocalypse- On June 9, 1997, Crush was fired by the leader of the Nation of Domination Farooq.  Crush then formed his biker, Hells Angels-theme stable the Disciples of Apocalypse.  He was joined by Chainz, Skull, and 8-Ball.  The DOA was introduced on June 23 and proceeded to feud with the new Nation of Domination and Los Boricuas-- who were by Savio Vega, who was also fired from the Nation by Farooq.   Late in 2007, Crush left the group and the WWF in protest of the "Montreal Screwjob."  Chainz assumed leadership of the stable, and DOA began teaming up with Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson to battle the Nation.  They also faced off against the Truth Commission and their spiritual leader, the Jackyl.  The stable was known for entering the arena in their custom-made 'Titan' motorcycles.  As time passed, Skull and 8-Ball began focusing on tag team competition-- leaving Chainz as a singles competitor.  After the departure of Chainz, Skull and 8-Ball kept the DOA name as a tag team with Paul Ellering as their manager as they feuded with the Legion of Doom-- whom Ellering betrayed.  When Ellering left, DOA began teaming with Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor to form Too Much.  Skull and 8-Ball would then leave WWF to join World Championship Wrestling.

2. Right to Censor-  Slowly formed by leader Steven Richards who had become appalled by the use of sexuality and "hardcore" weapons during matches and WWF broadcasts.  Richards would come out to cover scantily clad women and had a problem with the APA's rowdy behavior and the Dudley Boyz' use of tables in matches.  He would be joined by Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather (formerly the Godfather), Val Venis, and Ivory to create the Right to Censor.  From their formation in mid-2000 until 2001, RTC won at least one match at every pay-per-view event.  The stable temporarily forced The Kat into the fold, but the storyline was abandoned when she parted ways with WWF.  At SummerSlam 2000, Buchanan, Goodfather, and Richards won a Six-Man Tag match against Too Cool and Rikishi.  At Unforgiven, now with Venis, they won an Eight-Man Tag match against  the APA and the Dudley Boyz.  Venis and Richards beat Chyna and Mr. Ass at No Mercy 2000.  When WWF Women's Champion Ivory joined the stable, she would win three-straight pay-per-view matches.  She defeated Lita at Survivor Series, Molly Holly and Trish Stratus at Armageddon 2000, and Chyna at the 2001 Royal Rumble.  At No Way Out, Richards beat Jerry "the King" Lawler for the last pay-per-view for RTC.  At Wrestlemania X-Seven, the stable lost every match they were involved in.  On April 26, 2001, Richards, Buchanan, Venis, and Goodfather took on Undertaker in 4-on-1 Handicap match.  After Undertaker hit Richards with the Last Ride, the other members left Richards lying in the ring alone-- disbanding Right to Censor.  Buchanan became John Cena's bodyguard and redubbed B-Squared before departing WWE.  Richards and Ivory joined 'WCW' as part of the Invasion angle.  Richards would also become a psychotic gimmick.  Venis and, once again, The Godfather returned to the 2002 Royal Rumble back to their gimmicks before joining RTC.

1. Nation of Domination-  the heel group began when Farooq was joined by his manager Clarence Mason.  They were joined in the ring by three unnamed actors who were portraying members of the Nation-- a Nation of Islam, Black Panther Party-themed stable.  Soon, Farooq added PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D), Crush, Savio Vega, and D'Lo Brown.  Their first feud was with Ahmed Johnson, who Farooq had a rivalry with since SummerSlam 1996.  Farooq would fire everyone but D'Lo Brown from the faction after he lost to Undertaker at King of the Ring-- after he was distracted by Crush and Vega arguing ringside.  After ridding himself of everyone but Brown, Farooq a "Bigger, Badder, Better, and Blacker" version of the Nation.  He inducted Kama Mustafa and Ahmed Johnson, who turned on Undertaker during a tag team match.  After ousting Johnson, Farooq added Rocky Maivia to the stable.  Maivia then shortened his name to The Rock., who would become the WWF Intercontinental Champion while a member of the stable.  On January 12, 1998, Mark Henry turned on his partner Ken Shamrock and joined the Nation of Domination.  On March 30, 1998, The Rock usurped leadership from Farooq, ousting him in the process.  The stable became known as just The Nation and became less militant as a stable.  The other members took on considerably more hip characters; most notably Mustafa becoming The Godfather-- a pimp-style character.  D'Lo Brown began using his famous "bobblehead" when he entered the ring or celebrated victories.  The main focus of the stable became ensuring The Rock retained his Intercontinental title.  By April 27, Owen Hart turned heel and joined the Nation as co-leader.  The group entered into a memorable rivalry with D-Generation X.  This extremely popular feud saw the infamous parody by DX where they spoofed the Nation members. By the end of the year, the growing popularity of The Rock led to him turning face and leaving the stable.  The Godfather would also turn face and began entering the ring with a bevy of beauties (known as the Hoes) before every match.  Brown and Henry continued to team up as the Nation for a short time before removing the gimmick all together.  Hart left the group after "injuring" Dan Severn with a Reverse Pile Driver and "retired" from wrestler.  He would return as The Blue Blazer before his untimely death.  Shortly after the Nation was disbanded, The Rock would again turn heel by joining Vince McMahon's Corporation stable and winning the WWF Championship.  Brown held both the Intercontinental and European title belts at the height of his popularity before his release.  Henry would eventually win the ECW and World Heavyweight titles and is still active with WWE.  The Rock became one of the most popular superstars in WWE history.