WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
It’s late March and people who generally leave the room when you talk about wrestling are starting to ask questions like, “The Undertaker is still wrestling!?” which can mean only one thing: ‘WrestleMania’ season is upon us.
Randy Orton vs. Kane — WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
What the hell is this match about? Yeah, Kane is evil and does evil stuff, and Orton’s nominally a good guy, but why are these two men fighting one another? The world’s evilest Libertarian, Kane, gave a wacky, roundabout explanation on ‘SmackDown’ a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t clarify much of an…
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho — WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
While the Rock vs. John Cena is clearly the true main event of ‘WrestleMania XXVIII,’ in certain circles the most talked about contest will without a be CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho. The two have a lot in common: Neither boast the humongous physique typically favored by WWE, both honed their abilities …
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus — WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
Truth be told, of the four (!!!) main events at ‘WrestleMania XXVIII,” the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus holds the least interest to me. Don’t get me wrong, Bryan’s slow and steady heel turn has been one of the most entertaining and fascinating ones in ages – …

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