Winter Olympics

Speed Skating + Mario Cart = Awesome
Check out this funny video that has been made to combine the Olympic sport of speed Skating and the video game "Mario Kart." Not only does the added special effects make the video funny, the commentary makes it hilarious.
Are the Winter Olympics Even Relevant?
I will be the first to admit that I do enjoy the international hockey tournament.  It is a very interesting dynamic to watch NHL teammates playing against each other as they represent their own countries.  The women's hockey tournament is also interesting if no other reason than it is…
Somebody Give That Bear A Hug
The powerhouse and odds on favorites to win the Olympic Gold Medal in Men's Ice Hockey was the host country of Russia coming into the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.
But as fate would have it, the pressure proved to be too much for Team Russia and they were eliminated from the Olympic Tournament to…
Arianna Fontana From Italy Was Really Happy On The Medal Podium
Silver Medal winning Short Track speed skater Arianna Fontana from Italy was so happy that she did what comes natural to her I guess or this is a new Italian custom and she is introducing it to the world in Sochi.
Does it matter? No. We need more spontaneous and fun reactions like this from the Olymp…
EPIC: Star Wars AT-AT’s Attacking Olympic Skiers [VIDEO]
The Star Wars original trilogy may be my favorite movies of all time, especially The Empire Strikes Back. The battle scene in the beginning on the ice planet Hoth is incredible.
The person who put this video together and mixed the AT-AT attack on the Rebel base  with the Olympic mogul fails is a…
Bob Costas Has A Serious Case Of Pinkeye
It started with one eye on the first day of Olympic coverage and everyone wondered, "What the hell is wrong with Bob's eye?".
Then today poor Bob went on the air with both eyes infected with pinkeye. Having had pinkeye I can tell you that it sucks...
Only Mistake In The Olympic Opening Ceremony?
In what has been said was a nice Opening Ceremony at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, it seems this light malfunction it the only big blunder that occured.
It seems that five smaller lights were to expand to the Olympic symbol but it didn't happen and the picture you see was the end result...

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