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My Top Five Wrestlemania Matches Ever
With Wrestlemania Week upon us, I figured what better time to make my triumphant return to talking wrestling? To kick off the week, I give you my top five favorite Wrestlemania matches ever.
The Great Streak of The Phenom is Only Part of a Great Story
Born Mark William Calaway, but best known as The Undertaker, he would become one of the best workers in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment and amass possibly the greatest streak in the business.  While his 21 straight victories at WWE's premier annual event, Wrestlemania, will be what most wil…
The Streak Is Over, Undertaker Loses At Wrestlemania 30
The Undertaker's 21-match unbeaten streak at WrestleMania is no more. Last night at Wrestlemanis 30, he lost to Brock Lesnar. Fans were so used to seeing Taker win at Wrestlemania that when he did lose, they were in absolute shock...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 2/01/12 [AUDIO]
Chad and Andy have yet to be cancelled, so you are in luck! The new show is ready for you.
Today's show topics include: UTEP Football coach Mike Price in Studio, Floyd Mayweather is a role model?, Facebook to go public and the Undertaker is back on WWE...