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The Best Tweet Reactions to THAT Seahawks Decision
In what can be described as a nail biter of a game that wasn't over until it's last seconds, the New England Patriots emerged victorious as Super Bowl XLIX Champions. But one of the surprises of the game was without a doubt, the controversial decision that Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carro…
Watch Key & Peele Parody the Seahawks in Hilarious Skit
Do you want to see what Marshawn Lynch thinks of... biscuits and gravy? What about Richard Sherman rant about "Foxcatcher" not being nominated for Best Picture? Then comedians Key and Peele have the skit right for you. In a pitch perfect parody, the Comedy Central duo deliver a hil…
5 Absurd Prop Bets for Super Bowl XLIX
The Super Bowl is Sunday, have you heard? With two weeks of nothing but repetitive discussion, you've probably grown sick of 'Deflate-Gate,' heard all you ever will out of Marshawn Lynch, and watched all of the new commercials.
How Exactly Are NFL Footballs Made?
It's hard to believe that the biggest story before the Super Bowl is about the amount of air in some footballs, but Deflategate continues to be the scandal that won't go away. With that in mind, the New York Times decided to do some investigative reporting to show fans just what goes on in…

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