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Lake Show on Summer Hiatus
In the latest installment of 'As the Lakers Turn,' the two time defending champions were swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks.  Not exactly the Hollywood ending some would have predicted for Phil Jackson.  By this time next week, the Zen Master will be on his ranch i…
Is Dirk Nowitzki’s Greatness Overlooked?
Every now and then I make a point on Sportstalk that I would like to further explore and analyze in an online post.  There is a groupthink notion that Dirk Nowitzki is a little soft and shrinks during the physical nature of the playoffs.  Because pro athletes are ultimately judged by their…
Caracter ‘Goes Hungry, Leaves Arrested.’
Former UTEP Miner and current Los Angeles Laker forward Derrick Caracter was arrested at an IHOP in downtown New Orleans early Sunday morning.  The 22 year old was arrested for allegedly striking a pregnant waitress.
3 Card Monty
Now that I've had a little time to catch my breath, if the rest of the NBA playoffs are like the first two days it's gonna be epic.  TNT has this famous catchphrase of '40 games in 40 nights.'  By night 22 Chuck, the Jet, EJ, and all the fans are usually sick of the playoffs.  Charles gets so grumpy…
Did Kobe Bryant Utter a Homophobic Slur?
Last night Kobe Bryant had some less than flattering words for referee Bennie Adams after being slapped with a technical during the third quarter of last nights win over San Antonio.  Video courtesy of TNT and TMZ
“The Black Mamba”
Kobe Bryant like to call himself  "The Black Mamba". As a matter of fact, he introduced himself as the black mamba before the NBA all star game.