Lebron James

Odell Backham Jr. Pays Tribute to King James with Epic Dunk
When people get bored they just go to the TV, maybe read a book, go outside or whatever else they might think of. Whenever Odell Beckham Jr. gets bored he decides to pay tribute to Lebron James by doing awesome one handed dunks. So now we know that the Giants wide receiver is also great at dunking l…
NBA All-Star Game Has Surprisingly Good Lineup, Thanks to the Fans
The ballots are in and the fans have finally decided, and it really isn’t that bad after all. The NBA All-Star game, set for next month, has had a weird way of getting the fans involved. Whether it be the market a player plays in or the older players getting in simply off a name all-star start…
LeBron James Will Wear Number 23 Again
LeBron James  is 23 again. James is returning to the No. 23 that he wore in his first go-around with the Cleveland Cavaliers and during his playing days dating back to high school.
Did Fans Burn Down LeBron’s House? Get The Truth
When LeBron James told Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins that he was returning to Cleveland, the sports world has been turned upside down. Every Cavs fans is rejoicing like the Messiah suddenly reappeared, while Miami fans are taking the news pretty hard...
Singer Rewrites “Coming Home” For LeBron James
Now that we know that LeBron James is going back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I couldn't help but notice that every media outlet was using the song "Coming Home" by Skylar Grey to help make the story more powerful.

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