James Harden

If Kept Intact, Houston and Boston Will Be Back
Two offseason moves in the summer of 2017 changed the course of this entire NBA season, when Chris Paul was dealt to Houston and when Cleveland traded Kyrie Irving to Boston.
Both Houston and Boston quickly became vicious opponents in their respective conferences, made it all the way to the Conf…
The Evolution of James Harden’s Beard [PHOTOS]
A few years ago, I posted a blog that chronicled the evolution of Brian Wilson's beard. The former San Francisco Giants closer was once a young, clean-shaven reliever until he decided to let his beard grow out to better resemble a Hasidic rabbi...
So Much for World Peace
World Peace is something that we all envision happening, but is certainly an unrealistic possibility.  Ron Artest who changed his name to Metta World Peace last year, has always been a clown and has had difficulty staying out of trouble.  The Los Angeles Lakers have been fortunate up until now becau…
Metta World Peace: Cheap Shot Nominee
Just a few weeks ago, I posted a video of a disgraceful cheap shot delivered by a Yavapai Community College leftfielder in a spring college baseball game. Thanks to Metta World Peace, we have a new entree into the Cheap Shot Hall of Shame.